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Session 1: FULL

  • June 13-17, 2022
  • Monday-Friday
  • 9am-4pm each day
  • Ages: 6-12 years

Cost: $600 per camper

Session 2: FULL

  • June 20-24, 2022
  • Monday-Friday
  • 9am-4pm each day
  • Ages: 6-12 years

Cost: $600 per camper

  • Drop off each morning at 9:00am. Parent or Guardian must accompany their camper to check-in.  
  • Pick up each afternoon at 4:00pm. Parent or Guardian must check their camper out each day.
  • Food: 
    • A morning snack, an afternoon snack, and lunch will be provided each day. The menu will be sent out ahead of time to all parents. Campers are welcome to bring a sack lunch each day if they prefer.
    • Campers will always have access to water and will be encouraged to stay hydrated throughout the day. They are welcome to bring water bottles to keep with them and re-fill throughout the day as well. 
  • Clothing: 
    • Campers need to wear long pants, close-toed tennis shoes or boots, and a t-shirt or long sleeve each day.  
    • Make sure to bring a sweatshirt and a waterproof jacket, the mountain weather can change quickly. 
    • Wear sunscreen, campers are welcome to bring sunscreen and bug spray to keep in their assigned cubbies. 
    • Campers are welcome to bring their own helmets or wear one of ours.  All campers when around the horses and mules must wear a helmet. 
    • Campers are also encouraged to bring a hat to protect them from the sun during lunch and the afternoon activities.  
  • Daily Activities:
    • Daily Horse/Mule Care and Grooming Lesson
    • Daily Trail Ride
    • Daily Mule Packing Lesson
    • Craft Activities:
      • Leather Tooling Workshop
      • Canvas Painting Workshop
      • Horseshoe Beading Workshop
    • End of the week picnic ride to the Beaver Ponds
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